Saturday, December 6, 2014

16 Days of Activism

On November 25, Zonta International launched its advocacy campaign “Zonta says NO to Violence Against Women.” For inspiration, read the letter below from ZI President Maria Jose Landeira Oestergaard, who calls for 16 days of activism.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

Members of Peconic Bay Zonta gathered on November 16, 2014, at Liala Strotman’s home for our annual service project: preparation of a Thanksgiving feast for 30. We delivered the food to the community center in Cutchogue, to be served by members of the Sacred Heart Church. This is part of a larger effort organized by Maureen’s Haven to feed and shelter homeless folks across eastern Long Island during the fall and winter months.

Our menu: 
- three turkeys
- lots of gravy
- a pile of green beans
- lots of cranberry sauce
- rolls upon rolls and butter
- mounds of sweet potatoes
- pounds of mashed potatoes
- and five pumpkin pies!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Highlight of the Year: Parent Leadership Initiative

The Zonta year goes from June through May. Here's a highlight the 2013-2014 Zonta year for Peconic Bay. This report was submitted to Zonta International District 3 for the district's fall conference on September 27, 2014.

Creating a caring community for children. That’s the goal of the Parent Leadership Initiative, which operates a 16-week program in Southampton, part of Peconic Bay Zonta’s territory. The program teaches parents the tools, skills, and knowledge to become leaders in their communities.

Peconic Bay first approached the Parent Leadership Initiative seven years ago with an offer to teach a class on computer skills. We had done some research and knew that the program did not include any computer instruction. The director readily agreed. That first year we taught the class, many parents did not know how to type and most had not even touched a computer.

Fast forward to this past April. After doing our routine check with the director about the computer skills of her parents -- remember that this is now seven years later -- Peconic
Bay members Barbara Pierce and Mary Ann Miller developed a session on how to search for information online.

Each parent came to class with a community-service goal. Here’s a sampling of what happened:

- One woman wanted to get a 24-hour medical facility where she lives. Her son broke his arm and had to endure a long and painful ride to the nearest hospital. Searching online, she found such a facility about 50 miles away and will contact them to learn how they operate.

- Another woman wanted to get small businesses together to provide child care for their employees. She looked up two companies that do this and will talk to the appropriate agency that oversees them.

- A gentleman wanted to start a basketball league. He searched on the words “how to start a basketball league” and came up with a step-by-step guide.

- Another woman had safety issues on her street and identified a town official to contact.

All the projects were wonderful. And we were happy to help these parents make their communities better places to live.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Zonta Biennial Goals for 2014-2016

At the recent Zonta International Convention, held June 27-July 1, the membership approved the following service goals.

- Delaying early marriage
- Prevention of violence through education
- Improving women’s health

In support of these goals, ZI has pledged support for these specific programs:
  • Eliminating obstetric fistula in Liberia
  • HIV-free generation in Rwanda
  • Gender responsive schools in Vietnam
  • Delaying early marriage in Niger
  • Voices Against Violence in 12 countries

Monday, July 7, 2014

Peconic Bay Awards ESL Scholarship to Nelly Abad

East Hampton resident Nelly Abad (pictured center with her daughter Samanta) accepted a $300 ESL scholarship for women students, funded by Peconic Bay Zonta. Mona Rowe (right) and Mary Ann Miller, both members of the local chapter of Zonta International, presented her with the check.

Originally from Ecuador, Abad is a student at the Riverhead Eastern Campus of Suffolk County Community College and has successfully completed Level 3 of the ESL (English as a second language) program.

In her scholarship application, Abad wrote that she would like to learn English because she wants to help her children in school. She plans to continue her education.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yard Sale Today, Scholarships Tomorrow

The rain stopped, the sky cleared and the shoppers came . . . and came . . . and came. Peconic Bay did a yard sale on May 24 to support our scholarship program for ESL students at Suffolk County Community College in Riverhead.

Well before our starting time of 8 a.m., Mary Ann made the first sale of the day, to a woman who bought $21 worth of jewelry. Liala made the biggest sale of the day, to a Turkish man who scooped up new fluorescent light bulbs for pennies and then – perhaps feeling a bit guilty when Liala pointed out that he was saving $100 – methodically went through everything in Mary Ann’s yard to pick up other bargains. His total was $43.

And so it went until 2 p.m., mostly a few dollars at a time, many buying homemade bread at two loaves for $5.

At day’s end, our final tally was enough to pay for two more scholarships in the coming school year. Success!

Thanks to Peconic Bay members who pawed through their closets and garages for items to sell. Thanks to Susan for minding the Island Bead & Jewelry table. Thanks also to folks who donated items: Barbara, Jane, Nathalie, Sue and Tammy at Brookhaven Lab, Kay's cousin Deborah, and Mary Ann’s friend at SCCC Riverhead.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Service and Advocacy

Student photos by Christopher Conzen, SCCC
Peconic Bay was delighted to support two recent events for women.

March 28, “At the Nanoscale,” Center for Functional Nanomaterials
Members organized a program at Brookhaven National Laboratory for young women in science, technology, engineering and math from Suffolk County Community College. The students did hands-on nano demonstrations, toured Brookhaven's nanocenter, and participated in a lively panel discussion about women in science and technical careers. Thanks to Brookhaven Women in Science for their help.

April 8, Equal Pay Day, Suffolk County

The Long Island, Peconic Bay and Suffolk clubs represented Zonta International at this event, organized by the New York Chapter of Enterprising and Professional Women and the Suffolk County Office of Women’s Services. Zonta (see ZI logo on the program below) was recognized with a certificate of appreciation, accepted by Evelyn Lamoureux of the Long Island club. Brookhaven Women in Science’s Christina Swinson, spoke on the panel of women in non-traditional jobs. Swinson is an accelerator physicist at Brookhaven Lab.

Coming Up
Yard and bake sale to raise money for Peconic Bay Zonta scholarships, 5 Emerson Court, Hampton Bays, May 24, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Multi-family clothes, jewelry, household items, books, home-baked goods and more. Rain date: May 25.