Sunday, September 16, 2007

Highlights of Area 1 Meeting, 9/15/07

Club reports -- For their two-minute reports at District 3 Conference on September 29, all clubs are asked to focus on achievements in service, advocacy, and fund raising, and list future goals. For Peconic Bay, will report on first year’s progress in identifying two service projects, one for a homeless shelter and one for the US Postal Service. Will also describe our now-established tradition of researching and discussing women’s issues at each monthly meeting, an activity that enlightens our advocacy efforts. The club’s goal for the upcoming year: Increase membership by 20 percent.
Basket – Agreed to contribute a Peconic Bay basket for conference raffle. Will bring fresh-picked apples from the North Fork.

Peconic Bay website -- Thanks to host Kelly Daniele’s WiFi connection, was able to go online and show the newly launched Peconic Bay website. Other clubs are interested in doing the same. Will send the URL, along with initial instructions.

Once a Month Campaign -- Wrote check for $50 to Zonta Club of Greater Queens for “Once a Month” Campaign. They will purchase sanitary pads on behalf of Area 1 clubs, apply “Zonta International” labels to all the packages, and give them to the Zonta Club of Northern Valley at the upcoming District 3 Conference. Northern Valley is arranging delivery to Zambia. Greater Queens suggested that we do a four-month campaign for this service project.

October is UN month – Encouraged to mark in some way October as United Nations Month. Mary Ann is Peconic Bay’s UN Liaison. Any ideas, Mary Ann?

Push for ZINGs -- Karen Siegel, Area 1 President, with the help of Kelly Daniele, Suffolk Club President, wants to organize two ZINGs (Zonta Informational Network Gatherings) on behalf of Peconic Bay, one in November and one in March. Suggestion: Use our November monthly meeting at the home of Kay Jones for the first ZING and do the March ZING at the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead.

In the photo: Front, from left: Sharon Perry, Great Queens; Karen Siegel, Area 1 Director, Mona Rowe, Peconic Bay; Kelly Daniele, Suffolk; Mary Loughrey, Greater Queens. Back, from left: Evelyn Garba, Westchester, Ellen Manopoli, Westchester; Christine Healy, Long Island; Kathleen Rau, Long Island. Photo credit: Lloyd C. Crosman

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mona said...

This is addressed in particular to the more experienced Zontians among us: Can we organize an effective ZING in time for our regular November meeting, which would be the 13th? I would hope to have a handful of prospective members attend.

I can see doing a second, larger ZING at Atlantis Aquarium in March, since that gives us much more time to plan and execute it.

By the way, I switched to posting this comment on the conference highlight. Trying to make it easier to spot.