Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Celebration of Women

Peconic Bay Zonta teamed up with Brookhaven Women in Science (BWIS) at Brookhaven National Laboratory and with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) at Stony Brook University to organize “A Celebration of Women” during Women’s History Month. On March 20, at Brookhaven Lab, five speakers from diverse backgrounds and in diverse jobs spoke to an audience of over 60 women and men. Kathy Walker, a Zontian and BWIS member, hosted the inaugural event, which she described as an inspirational conversation and gathering.

The speakers were:
  • Carrie-Ann Miller, Director of Women in Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University
  • Ann Hirsch, Musician and Music Educator
  • Elke Aschenauer, Physicist, Brookhaven Lab
  • Christina Swinson, Physicist, Brookhaven Lab
  • Katherine Aguirre, Assistant Professor, Suffolk County Community College
Go here to watch a video of the event, recorded by Brookhaven Lab videographer Alex Reben.

Some background: Zontian Melina Carnicelli, who belongs to the Zonta Club of Auburn in New York, attended a Peconic Bay Zonta meeting in July 2012, as a guest of Liala Strotman. Melina described a program she first organized in 1994 in Auburn, inspired by the poem “A Room Full of Sisters.”

At that meeting and subsequent others, we had lively discussions about how Peconic Bay might adapt Melina’s "Room Full of Sisters" for our own group. The March 20 inaugural event with BWIS and WISE was the culmination of months of planning. Feedback was enthusiastic and positive, thanks to our five wonderful speakers!

Zontian Roxanne Neilson, Peconic Bay's Area 1 Director, came all the way from New Rochelle and gave the event a big thumbs up.

Top photo: Speaker Ann Hirsch (left) and Zontian Mona Rowe play a duet arrangement of a piece by Johannes Brahms. Ann shared historical facts about concert pianist Clara Schuman, who performed the original two-piano version throughout her career.
- Joe Rubino, Brookhaven Lab photographer

Bottom photo: Speaker Katherine Aguirre (center) with her colleagues from Suffolk County Community College.

- Joe Rubino, Brookhaven Lab photographer 

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