Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yard Sale Today, Scholarships Tomorrow

The rain stopped, the sky cleared and the shoppers came . . . and came . . . and came. Peconic Bay did a yard sale on May 24 to support our scholarship program for ESL students at Suffolk County Community College in Riverhead.

Well before our starting time of 8 a.m., Mary Ann made the first sale of the day, to a woman who bought $21 worth of jewelry. Liala made the biggest sale of the day, to a Turkish man who scooped up new fluorescent light bulbs for pennies and then – perhaps feeling a bit guilty when Liala pointed out that he was saving $100 – methodically went through everything in Mary Ann’s yard to pick up other bargains. His total was $43.

And so it went until 2 p.m., mostly a few dollars at a time, many buying homemade bread at two loaves for $5.

At day’s end, our final tally was enough to pay for two more scholarships in the coming school year. Success!

Thanks to Peconic Bay members who pawed through their closets and garages for items to sell. Thanks to Susan for minding the Island Bead & Jewelry table. Thanks also to folks who donated items: Barbara, Jane, Nathalie, Sue and Tammy at Brookhaven Lab, Kay's cousin Deborah, and Mary Ann’s friend at SCCC Riverhead.

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