Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guest Speaker from France

Nathalie Bouet was our guest speaker at our January 13 meeting. A scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Nathalie is a French citizen and led our discussion on the general status of women and girls in France.

We also talked about the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. In answer to a question about the French ban on head coverings and face scarves, which certainly affects Muslim women, Nathalie explained that France is trying to keep itself open to everybody, hence the country’s ban on the public display of obvious religious symbols, including head coverings and crosses.

Learn more about Dr. Bouet and her research here.

Apropos for the evening, we enjoyed a classic French dinner:
   French soupe à l’oignon
   Boeuf Bourguignonne with noodles
   Green salad
   Tarte aux pommes
   Sauvignon blanc

Photo courtesy of Brookhaven Lab

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